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dtSearch is a network-based, fileless indexing, searching and reporting application. With dtSearch Network and dtSearch Network with Spider, dtSearch Network with Spider allows you to perform an instantly text search on any files located in a Windows folder. dtSearch Network with Spider also provides an icon in your task bar that launches dtSearch Network with Spider from the toolbar, so you can search any file you are working on, even before you open it in your browser. For more information, please visit: (C) Copyright 2007-2010 dtSearch, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The fastest way to get people to love you is by loving them. However, the best way to get a lot of money for your invention ideas is by patenting them. Some people invent first and patent later; others do it backwards. You may not realize that you have invented all kinds of stuff while you were growing up. But only on one day will you have your biggest opportunity to patent your ideas. That's your R day. Not everyone is born with the same potential to create inventions. Perhaps you don't have the background of top designers and engineers. But you may have the creativity and intelligence to achieve the success others haven't even dreamt of. We can help. With our R training, you will develop the mindset needed to innovate, the inventive ability to create great inventions and the psychological skills to establish yourself as a successful designer or engineer. Our R training will teach you the best ways to secure the resources you need and provide you with the necessary support to patent. It will help you to become the leader in your field, to excel and to become a World Renowned Invention Thinker. The R training teaches you to think, invent, compose, refine, realize, sharpen and complete. If you have ideas for inventions, you should attend the R training. Contact us now to receive your free personalized video R training. It will instantly change your life forever. Visit us at is a resource that shows you how to find your R. It helps you to get what you want to be or to do. That's your R. e-Toolbox Description: e-Toolbox is a web-based remote control application designed to allow a5204a7ec7

The dtSearch Network with Spider automatically searches hundreds or thousands of documents in real-time from all sources on the intranet or Internet. This makes it more convenient to search large or distributed text collections. dtSearch Network with Spider provides quick and easy access to millions of pages and files on the Internet and intranet with no installation required. This powerful and reliable dtSearch Network with Spider is a productivity tool that is in high demand within the world of text searching. It is a 100% network-based application that allows virtually unlimited text searches. To the novice searcher, the first thing to ask is: How many documents am I searching and how much time will it take? The answer is: 'It depends', a number between 1 and 100 million pages. In other words, the number of documents on a site or on the network is the primary determinant of the amount of time necessary to complete a search. Even though the product is called dtSearch Network with Spider, dtSearch Network is included and a network connection is not required. dtSearch Network is a text search application that supports the following document types: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, PDF, RTF, HTML, text files, SQL databases, Lotus Notes databases, and text files from other vendors. Search support The dtSearch Network with Spider provides in-depth search facilities that are best used for rapid searches of large and distributed text collections on the Internet or on the intranet. dtSearch's search index, which resides on a secure server and maintains state across multiple network addresses, supports the following search services and capabilities: Comprehensive search index: By default, dtSearch Network stores the entire text of each document that is searched. Because dtSearch Network with Spider can search all network locations containing text, it can accurately and efficiently index millions of pages and files. Partial search: Documents containing a phrase or phrase fragment may be searched by using the 'partial text' feature. Auto completion: dtSearch Network allows users to type in '...' to obtain one word and '*' or '?' to provide multiple words. Wildcards: dtSearch Network provides several wildcard text search operators to search for partial words within text:.?,+,-,@ Complete index: In addition to individual document search, dtSearch Network with Spider includes a full text complete index for efficient searching of all pages on an intranet. Distributed computing: dtSearch

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